About Me

Who am I?

My name is Adam Rush and I’m a passionate pseudo-geek based in Bristol, UK.

I’ve been into computing since I was a lad. Since then, I’ve learned something new almost every day.

I love all things IT but my main interests are in Automation (especially PowerShell), IT Infrastructure, and experimenting with new technologies.

What is the “Hype-Pipe”?

The “Hype-Pipe” (a.k.a HyperLoop or HypeLine) is a term myself and good friend / colleague Matt Horgan use to mock ourselves daily when we inevitably find ourselves “hyping” on some idea / technology / process / ANYTHING!

What will I find on this blog?

Mainly posts about stuff I’m working on day-to-day, as I’m very forgetful and they serve as a great source of reference, but I’ve also learned from my old blog that they help many others overcoming the same challenges. It’s good to give back as I’ve learned soo much from other blogs etc.

Anything else?

I used to study towards IT certifications as a means of structured learning, which worked really well for me and I enjoyed attaining them all, including:

  • VMware VCP-Cloud / VCP5
  • Microsoft MCSE / MCITP:Enterprise Administrator / SQL / Exchange
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Citrix CCA / CCAA

For a full list of certificates, achievements, and work history please visit my LinkedIn profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/adamrushuk

However, these days I prefer to take a more casual approach to learning and tend to experiment with whatever I’m hyping on in that moment.