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AKS Periscope Log Collection

2 minute read

Myself and several other Microsoft Engineers were recently struggling with intermittent AKS node issues. When the issue occurred, the node(s) would not allow new pods to be created, or any method of connecting a terminal session. In short, there was no method of collecting logs from these broken ...

AKS Disk Detach Wait Scripts

less than 1 minute read

I had to automate some AKS tasks, which could only continue when disks had detached from their nodes. The solution should accept AKS cluster and PVC names, then wait for the disks to no longer show as Attached, and also be available in both PowerShell and Bash.

Using the setproduct function in Terraform

2 minute read

I needed a way to create all possible combinations from two lists. The first was a list of Azure AD Roles, and the second was a list of target Resource Groups where the AAD Roles should be assigned.

Running KinD in GitLab CI on Kubernetes

2 minute read

Whilst working on a Helm Chart pipeline, I wanted to bring together many of the testing steps I’ve used in other pipelines. This included validation, linting, and installing. The problem was the Helm Chart test pipeline required a nested Kubernetes environment, as our self-hosted GitLab runs on ...

An Example Azure DevOps Build Pipeline for PowerShell modules

3 minute read

A few months ago did a demo at the Bristol WinOps Meetup showing an example Azure DevOps Build Pipeline for PowerShell modules. I told everyone I’d get a blog post up “soon” with more information, so here it is; better late than never! I’ll go over the goals for the example PowerShell Module, the...

Azure Provisioning using Ansible AWX (Tower)

1 minute read

You’ve installed and tested Ansible locally, then installed Ansible AWX (Open Source Ansible Tower) using Docker, and finally tested Ansible AWX with Windows Hosts. You now want to test Azure Provisioning using Ansible AWX.