Chocolatey Cheatsheet

Installing Chocolatey

Chocolatey installs in seconds. Just run the following command from an administrative PowerShell v3+ prompt (Ensure Get-ExecutionPolicy is not Restricted):

Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing | Invoke-Expression

List Installed Packages

choco list --local-only

Install a Package

Standard Package Installation

choco install PACKAGENAME -y

choco install git -y

Multiple Package Installation

choco install packer vagrant virtualbox git poshgit chefdk visualstudiocode -y

Ignore Checksums

I had to use this once for the GitHub package:

choco install github --ignore-checksums

Upgrade a Package

choco upgrade <pkg|all> [<pkg2> <pkgN>] [<options/switches>]

choco upgrade git -y

choco upgrade all -y

Uninstall a Package

choco uninstall PACKAGENAME

choco uninstall git --all-versions -y

List outdated packages

choco outdated