Secure Azure Provisioning with Terraform Backend and Azure Key Vault

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Terraform is my favourite tool when provisioning resources in Azure. However, by default Terraform saves a local state file (terraform.tfstate) that includes sensitive data (passwords etc) in clear text. Another issue was other collaborators could not access my state file.

I needed a secure method of configuring Terraform so that plain text passwords were not readable. I also wanted to share the Terraform state with other collaborators, so they could work on the same Terraform configuration.

Solution - TL;DR

If you don’t care about the specifics, head over to my terraform-azure GitHub repo and follow the step-by-step instructions in the README.

Solution - Full

Terraform Backend for Azure

The solution to the above issues was to configure a standard Terraform Backend for Azure, which offered State Storage and Locking.

However, it wasn’t just as simple as creating the required resources in Azure:

  1. a new Resource Group.
  2. a new Storage Account.
  3. a new Storage Container.

Terraform Azure service principal

Even with those created, Terraform needed a way to access Azure:

  1. Create an Azure service principal.
  2. Configure Terraform environment variables.

After creating the above Azure service principal, I wondered what the best method of storing that login information until it was required. I initially created persistent environment variables, but quickly realised that was insecure as any process could read those values at any time.

Azure Key Vault

Enter the Azure Key Vault. Using the Key Vault, I was able to store the Azure service principal details for Terraform, then load those Key Vault “secrets” into a PowerShell session only when I wanted to use Terraform. The environment variables would disappear as soon as I closed the PowerShell session. Happy days!

There were quite a few manual tasks to complete for all this to work, so I created two PowerShell scripts to do the heavy lifting.

Configure Azure For Secure Terraform Access Script

The ConfigureAzureForSecureTerraformAccess.ps1 script configures Azure for secure Terraform access using Azure Key Vault.

The following steps are automated:

  • Creates an Azure Service Principle for Terraform.
  • Creates a new Resource Group.
  • Creates a new Storage Account.
  • Creates a new Storage Container.
  • Creates a new Key Vault.
  • Configures Key Vault Access Policies.
  • Creates Key Vault Secrets for these sensitive Terraform login details:

Load Azure Terraform Secrets to Environment Variables Script

The LoadAzureTerraformSecretsToEnvVars.ps1 script loads Azure Key Vault secrets into Terraform environment variables for the current PowerShell session.

The following steps are automated:

  • Identifies the Azure Key Vault matching a search string (default: ‘terraform-kv’).
  • Retrieves the Terraform secrets from Azure Key Vault.
  • Loads the Terraform secrets into these environment variables for the current PowerShell session:


By default, Terraform uses an insecure local state file, but configuring a Backend with the access credentials saved in a Key Vault allows completely secure provisioning into Azure.

I’ve included an example Terraform configuration in my terraform-azure GitHub repo, so just follow the README for instructions.

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